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Magic: The Gathering : Streets of New Capenna Commander
Qty Item Price Rarity Condition
Aerial Extortionist $2.70 R NM/M
Aether Snap $1.00 R NM/M
Out Agent`s Toolkit $1.00 R NM/M
Out Agitator Ant $1.00 R NM/M
Ajani Unyielding $2.00 RM NM/M
Alela, Artful Provocateur $2.00 RM NM/M
Angelic Sleuth $1.00 R NM/M
Anhelo, the Painter $2.00 RM NM/M
Out Anhelo, the Painter FOIL $2.20 RM NM/M
Arasta of the Endless Web $1.00 R NM/M
Arcane Sanctum $0.70 U NM/M
Out Arcane Signet $0.90 C NM/M
Archon of Coronation $2.00 RM NM/M
Army of the Damned $2.00 RM NM/M
Artifact Mutation $1.00 R NM/M
Out Artisan of Kozilek $0.55 U NM/M
Ash Barrens $0.25 U NM/M
Assemble the Legion $1.00 R NM/M
Audacious Swap $1.00 R NM/M
Aura Mutation $1.00 R NM/M
Out Austere Command $1.20 R NM/M
Aven Courier $1.00 R NM/M
Aven Mimeomancer $1.00 R NM/M
Avenger of Zendikar $4.75 RM NM/M
Avenging Huntbonder $1.00 R NM/M
Out Awakening Zone $1.80 R NM/M
Out Azorius Signet $0.70 U NM/M
Bant Charm $0.25 U NM/M
Bant Panorama $0.30 C NM/M
Beast Within $1.80 U NM/M
Beastmaster Ascension $5.00 R NM/M
Out Bedevil $1.20 R NM/M
Bellowing Mauler $1.00 R NM/M
Bennie Bracks, Zoologist $23.00 RM NM/M
Out Bess, Soul Nourisher $1.00 R NM/M
Blasphemous Act $2.50 R NM/M
Blighted Woodland $0.30 U NM/M
Bloodsoaked Champion $1.00 R NM/M
Bloodthirsty Blade $0.25 U NM/M
Body Count $1.00 R NM/M
Out Boros Charm $5.25 U NM/M
Out Boss`s Chauffeur $1.00 R NM/M
Boxing Ring $1.00 R NM/M
Bribe Taker $1.00 R NM/M
Out Brokers Confluence $1.00 R NM/M
Cabaretti Confluence $1.00 R NM/M
Caldaia Guardian $1.00 R NM/M
Out Call the Coppercoats $1.00 R NM/M
Call the Skybreaker $1.00 R NM/M
Camaraderie $1.00 R NM/M
Canopy Vista $1.00 R NM/M
Cascade Bluffs $2.40 R NM/M
Out Castle Ardenvale $1.00 R NM/M
Out Castle Embereth $1.00 R NM/M
Cephalid Facetaker $1.00 R NM/M
Chain Reaction $1.00 R NM/M
Champion of Lambholt $1.00 R NM/M
Champion of Wits $1.00 R NM/M
Out Change of Plans $1.00 R NM/M
Out Chaos Warp $1.90 R NM/M
Chasm Skulker $1.00 R NM/M
Choked Estuary $1.00 R NM/M
Cinder Glade $1.00 R NM/M
Out Clone Legion $2.00 RM NM/M
Command Tower $0.70 C NM/M
Commander`s Sphere $0.20 C NM/M
Commit // Memory $1.00 R NM/M
Contractual Safeguard $1.00 R NM/M
Out Crash the Party $1.00 R NM/M
Creeping Tar Pit $1.00 R NM/M
Crumbling Necropolis $0.45 U NM/M
Cryptic Pursuit $1.00 R NM/M
Crystalline Giant $1.00 R NM/M
Out Cultivate $0.70 U NM/M
Out Currency Converter $2.90 R NM/M
Custodi Lich $1.00 R NM/M
Damnable Pact $1.00 R NM/M
Out Damning Verdict $8.50 R NM/M
Daring Saboteur $0.25 U NM/M
Darkwater Catacombs $1.00 R NM/M
Daxos of Meletis $1.00 R NM/M
Deathbringer Regent $1.00 R NM/M
Out Deathreap Ritual $0.60 U NM/M
Declaration in Stone $1.00 R NM/M
Deep Analysis $0.15 C NM/M
Out Denry Klin, Editor in Chief $1.00 R NM/M
Determined Iteration $7.25 R NM/M
Out Devoted Druid $0.40 U NM/M
Dig Through Time $1.00 R NM/M
Dimir Signet $1.00 C NM/M
Disciple of Bolas $1.00 R NM/M
Dodgy Jalopy $1.00 R NM/M
Dogged Detective $1.00 R NM/M
Out Double Vision $1.00 R NM/M
Dragonlord Ojutai $2.00 RM NM/M
Drana, Liberator of Malakir $2.00 RM NM/M
Drawn from Dreams $1.00 R NM/M
Dread Summons $1.00 R NM/M
Out Duelist`s Heritage $2.00 R NM/M
Dusk // Dawn $1.00 R NM/M
Esper Panorama $0.30 C NM/M
Out Etali, Primal Storm $1.10 R NM/M
Out Everflowing Chalice $0.65 C NM/M
Out Evolution Sage $1.70 U NM/M
Evolutionary Leap $1.00 R NM/M
Exotic Orchard $1.00 R NM/M
Explore $0.25 C NM/M
Extravagant Replication $5.25 R NM/M
Extravagant Replication $4.42 R EX/F
Fact or Fiction $0.25 U NM/M
Out Fallen Shinobi $3.50 R NM/M
False Floor $1.00 R NM/M
Family`s Favor $1.00 R NM/M
Farseek $1.80 C NM/M
Fathom Mage $1.00 R NM/M
Feed the Swarm $0.55 C NM/M
Felidar Retreat $1.00 R NM/M
Fell the Mighty $1.00 R NM/M
Fellwar Stone $1.10 U NM/M
Fetid Heath $5.25 R NM/M
First Responder $1.00 R NM/M
Flawless Forgery $1.00 R NM/M
Out Flooded Grove $2.20 R NM/M
Foreboding Ruins $1.00 R NM/M
Out Forgotten Ancient $1.00 R NM/M
Fortified Village $1.00 R NM/M
Frantic Search $0.30 C NM/M
Gahiji, Honored One $2.00 RM NM/M
Game Trail $1.00 R NM/M
Garruk`s Uprising $0.75 U NM/M
Gavel of the Righteous $1.00 R NM/M
Out Gavony Township $1.60 R NM/M
Generous Gift $0.55 U NM/M
Out Ghostly Pilferer $1.00 R NM/M
Giant Adephage $2.00 RM NM/M
Goblin Electromancer $0.90 C NM/M
Grand Crescendo $8.50 R NM/M
Grateful Apparition $0.25 U NM/M
Graveblade Marauder $1.00 R NM/M
Greenwarden of Murasa $2.00 RM NM/M
Grime Gorger $1.00 R NM/M
Grixis Panorama $0.35 C NM/M
Harmonize $0.50 U NM/M
Henzie Toolbox Torre $2.00 RM NM/M
Out Henzie Toolbox Torre FOIL $2.20 RM NM/M
Hex $1.00 R NM/M
Hoofprints of the Stag $1.00 R NM/M
Identity Thief $1.00 R NM/M
Out Idol of Oblivion $1.00 R NM/M
Out In Too Deep $1.00 R NM/M
Incubation Druid $1.40 R NM/M
Indrik Stomphowler $0.25 U NM/M
Indulge // Excess $1.00 R NM/M
Industrial Advancement $1.00 R NM/M
Inferno Titan $2.00 RM NM/M
Inkfathom Witch $0.25 U NM/M
Intangible Virtue $0.25 U NM/M
Izzet Signet $1.60 U NM/M
Jailbreak $1.00 R NM/M
Jenara, Asura of War $2.00 RM NM/M
Out Jolene, the Plunder Queen $3.00 R NM/M
Jund Panorama $0.30 C NM/M
Jungle Shrine $0.50 U NM/M
Out Kamiz, Obscura Oculus $2.00 RM NM/M
Out Kamiz, Obscura Oculus FOIL $2.20 RM NM/M
Out Karn`s Bastion $1.80 R NM/M
Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs $1.00 R NM/M
Kess, Dissident Mage $2.00 RM NM/M
Kessig Wolf Run $1.10 R NM/M
Out Killer Service $1.00 R NM/M
Out Kitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva $2.00 RM NM/M
Kitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva FOIL $2.20 RM NM/M
Kodama`s Reach $1.20 C NM/M
Kresh the Bloodbraided $2.00 RM NM/M
Kros, Defense Contractor $2.00 RM NM/M
Out Kros, Defense Contractor FOIL $2.20 RM NM/M
Leafkin Druid $0.15 C NM/M
Out Lethal Scheme $1.80 R NM/M
Out Life Insurance $1.10 R NM/M
Out Life of the Party $1.20 R NM/M
Life`s Legacy $3.25 R NM/M
Lifecrafter`s Bestiary $2.00 R NM/M
Out Lightning Greaves $6.00 U NM/M
Littjara Mirrorlake $0.25 U NM/M
Llanowar Reborn $0.25 U NM/M
Looter il-Kor $0.15 C NM/M
Luminarch Aspirant $1.00 R NM/M
Maestros Confluence $1.00 R NM/M
Out Magus of the Wheel $1.00 R NM/M
Out Make an Example $1.50 R NM/M
March of the Multitudes $2.00 RM NM/M
Out Mari, the Killing Quill $1.80 R NM/M
Martial Coup $1.00 R NM/M
Mask of Riddles $0.25 U NM/M
Mask of the Schemer $1.00 R NM/M
Out Master of Ceremonies $5.25 R NM/M
Mezzio Mugger $1.00 R NM/M
Midnight Clock $1.00 R NM/M
Out Migration Path $1.20 U NM/M
Out Mimic Vat $1.00 R NM/M
Out Misfortune Teller $1.00 R NM/M
Mitotic Slime $1.00 R NM/M
Mossfire Valley $1.00 R NM/M
Mosswort Bridge $1.20 R NM/M
Myriad Landscape $0.30 U NM/M
Mystic Confluence $1.00 R NM/M
Out Nadir Kraken $1.00 R NM/M
Naya Panorama $0.25 C NM/M
Out Nesting Grounds $5.00 R NM/M
Next of Kin $1.00 R NM/M
Nightmare Unmaking $1.00 R NM/M
Noxious Gearhulk $2.00 RM NM/M
Out Oblivion Stone $1.00 R NM/M
Out Obscura Confluence $1.00 R NM/M
Oracle`s Vault $1.00 R NM/M
Orzhov Advokist $0.25 U NM/M
Orzhov Signet $0.60 U NM/M
Out Oskar, Rubbish Reclaimer $1.00 R NM/M
Outpost Siege $1.00 R NM/M
Overgrown Battlement $0.40 U NM/M
Painful Truths $1.00 R NM/M
Park Heights Maverick $1.00 R NM/M
Parnesse, the Subtle Brush $2.00 RM NM/M
Out Parnesse, the Subtle Brush FOIL $2.20 RM NM/M
Path of Ancestry $0.20 C NM/M
Out Path to Exile $1.30 U NM/M
Perrie, the Pulverizer $2.00 RM NM/M
Out Perrie, the Pulverizer FOIL $2.20 RM NM/M
Out Phabine, Boss`s Confidant $2.00 RM NM/M
Out Phabine, Boss`s Confidant FOIL $2.20 RM NM/M
Planar Outburst $1.00 R NM/M
Ponder $2.60 C NM/M
Port Town $1.00 R NM/M
Out Power Conduit $2.90 U NM/M
Prairie Stream $1.00 R NM/M
Preordain $3.75 C NM/M
Primal Empathy $0.25 U NM/M
Profane Command $1.00 R NM/M
Out Prosperous Partnership $1.00 R NM/M
Protection Racket $1.20 R NM/M
Puppeteer Clique $1.00 R NM/M
Out Quietus Spike $1.00 R NM/M
Out Rain of Riches $5.75 R NM/M
Rakdos Signet $3.00 U NM/M
Rampant Growth $0.55 C NM/M
Reign of the Pit $1.00 R NM/M
Rekindling Phoenix $2.00 RM NM/M
Resourceful Defense $6.50 R NM/M
Rishkar, Peema Renegade $1.00 R NM/M
Rishkar`s Expertise $2.80 R NM/M
Rite of the Raging Storm $1.20 U NM/M
Out River`s Rebuke $1.20 R NM/M
Riveteers Confluence $1.00 R NM/M
Roalesk, Apex Hybrid $2.00 RM NM/M
Rogue`s Passage $1.20 U NM/M
Rose Room Treasurer $1.00 R NM/M
Out Rugged Prairie $1.60 R NM/M
Out Sakura-Tribe Elder $1.90 C NM/M
Sandwurm Convergence $1.00 R NM/M
Savage Lands $0.85 U NM/M
Scavenging Ooze $1.00 R NM/M
Out Scepter of Celebration $1.00 R NM/M
Out Scute Swarm $7.25 R NM/M
Seaside Citadel $1.20 U NM/M
Out Seize the Spotlight $5.50 R NM/M
Selvala, Explorer Returned $1.00 R NM/M
Sever the Bloodline $1.00 R NM/M
Shadowblood Ridge $1.00 R NM/M
Out Shadowmage Infiltrator $1.00 R NM/M
Shamanic Revelation $1.00 R NM/M
Shield Broker $1.00 R NM/M
Out Silent-Blade Oni $1.10 R NM/M
Sinister Concierge $1.00 R NM/M
Out Skyboon Evangelist $1.00 R NM/M
Skyclave Shade $1.00 R NM/M
Skycloud Expanse $1.00 R NM/M
Skyship Plunderer $0.25 U NM/M
Skyway Robber $1.00 R NM/M
Slippery Bogbonder $2.10 R NM/M
Smoldering Marsh $1.00 R NM/M
Smuggler`s Buggy $1.00 R NM/M
Smuggler`s Share $7.25 R NM/M
Out Sol Ring $2.00 U NM/M
Solemn Simulacrum $1.00 R NM/M
Spellbinding Soprano $1.00 R NM/M
Spinerock Knoll $1.00 R NM/M
Spiteful Repossession $1.00 R NM/M
Squee, the Immortal $1.00 R NM/M
Stalking Vengeance $1.00 R NM/M
Out Steelbane Hydra $3.75 R NM/M
Stolen Identity $1.00 R NM/M
Storm of Forms $1.00 R NM/M
Out Strionic Resonator $3.25 R NM/M
Sun Titan $2.00 RM NM/M
Sungrass Prairie $1.00 R NM/M
Sunken Hollow $1.00 R NM/M
Out Swiftfoot Boots $1.40 U NM/M
Swindler`s Scheme $1.00 R NM/M
Out Swords to Plowshares $1.50 U NM/M
Out Sylvan Offering $1.00 R NM/M
Syrix, Carrier of the Flame $1.00 R NM/M
Talrand`s Invocation $0.25 U NM/M
Temple of Epiphany $1.00 R NM/M
Temple of Malady $1.00 R NM/M
Temple of Mystery $1.00 R NM/M
Temple of Silence $1.00 R NM/M
Temple of Triumph $1.00 R NM/M
Temple of the False God $0.25 U NM/M
Temur Sabertooth $3.00 U NM/M
Tenuous Truce $2.00 R NM/M
Terminate $1.10 U NM/M
Tezzeret`s Gambit $1.00 R NM/M
The Beamtown Bullies $2.00 RM NM/M
Out The Beamtown Bullies FOIL $2.20 RM NM/M
Out Thief of Sanity $1.00 R NM/M
Thragtusk $1.00 R NM/M
Threefold Signal $2.00 RM NM/M
Thriving Bluff $0.15 C NM/M
Thriving Grove $0.20 C NM/M
Thriving Heath $0.15 C NM/M
Thriving Isle $0.20 C NM/M
Thriving Moor $0.15 C NM/M
Thrummingbird $0.30 U NM/M
Thunderfoot Baloth $1.00 R NM/M
Tivit, Seller of Secrets $2.00 RM NM/M
Out Tivit, Seller of Secrets FOIL $2.20 RM NM/M
Together Forever $1.00 R NM/M
Treasure Cruise $0.40 C NM/M
Treeshaker Chimera $1.00 R NM/M
Turf War $1.00 R NM/M
Twilight Mire $6.75 R NM/M
Out Twinning Staff $4.75 R NM/M
Urban Evolution $0.25 U NM/M
Utter End $1.00 R NM/M
Vazi, Keen Negotiator $1.00 R NM/M
Out Victimize $1.40 U NM/M
Vivid Creek $0.30 U NM/M
Vivid Grove $0.25 U NM/M
Vivid Meadow $0.30 U NM/M
Vivien`s Stampede $1.00 R NM/M
Out Vorel of the Hull Clade $1.00 R NM/M
Wall of Roots $0.30 C NM/M
Warstorm Surge $1.00 R NM/M
Waste Management $1.00 R NM/M
Out Wave of Rats $1.10 R NM/M
Wayfarer`s Bauble $0.60 C NM/M
Weathered Sentinels $2.90 R NM/M
Whirler Rogue $0.25 U NM/M
Wickerbough Elder $0.15 C NM/M
Windgrace`s Judgment $1.00 R NM/M
Wingspan Mentor $0.25 U NM/M
Woe Strider $1.00 R NM/M
Out Wood Elves $0.35 C NM/M
Woodfall Primus $1.00 R NM/M
Out World Shaper $3.25 R NM/M
Out Wrexial, the Risen Deep $2.00 RM NM/M
Writ of Return $1.00 R NM/M
Xander`s Pact $1.00 R NM/M
Zndrsplt`s Judgment $1.00 R NM/M
Out Zurzoth, Chaos Rider $1.00 R NM/M

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