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Star Wars (Decipher) : Premiere
Qty Item Price Rarity Condition
5D6-RA-7 [Fivedesix] $3.30 R1 NM/M
Out Admiral Motti $2.30 R2 NM/M
Affect Mind $1.60 R1 F/NM
Affect Mind $1.20 R1 G/EX
Out Alderaan (D) $6.10 R1 NM/M
Out Assault Rifle $1.70 R2 NM/M
Out Beggar $2.10 R1 F/NM
Beggar $1.65 R1 G/EX
Biggs Darklighter $1.90 R2 F/NM
Biggs Darklighter $1.47 R2 G/EX
Out Black 2 $4.80 R1 NM/M
Out Boring Conversation Anyway $1.70 R1 NM/M
C-3PO [See-Threepio] $7.60 R1 F/NM
C-3PO [See-Threepio] $6.49 R1 G/EX
Cantina Brawl $4.00 R1 F/NM
Charming To The Last $1.00 R2 NM/M
Out DS-61-3 $8.30 R1 NM/M
DS-61-3 $7.10 R1 EX/F
Dark Collaboration $5.90 R1 NM/M
Dark Collaboration $4.99 R1 EX/F
Out Dark Jedi Presence $5.00 R1 NM/M
Dark Jedi Presence $4.20 R1 EX/F
Out Darth Vader $70.00 R1 NM/M
Death Star Plans $2.90 R1 F/NM
Death Star Plans $2.35 R1 G/EX
Demotion $1.00 R2 F/NM
Out Devastator $11.50 R1 NM/M
Dice Ibegon $1.00 R2 F/NM
Disarmed (D) $5.40 R1 NM/M
Disarmed (L) $5.10 R1 F/NM
Disarmed (L) $4.29 R1 G/EX
Djas Puhr $1.90 R2 NM/M
Don`t Get Cocky $2.30 R1 F/NM
Dr. Evazan $1.70 R2 NM/M
Dutch $2.90 R1 F/NM
Dutch $2.35 R1 G/EX
Out Expand The Empire $2.60 R1 NM/M
Fear Will Keep Them In Line $1.00 R2 NM/M
Full Throttle $1.00 R2 F/NM
Garindan $2.10 R2 NM/M
Garindan $1.65 R2 EX/F
General Tagge $1.70 R2 NM/M
Gift Of The Mentor $4.00 R1 F/NM
Gift Of The Mentor $3.32 R1 G/EX
Gold 1 $1.00 R2 F/NM
Gold 5 $1.50 R2 F/NM
Out Grand Moff Tarkin $8.20 R1 NM/M
Out Han Seeker $1.50 R2 NM/M
Han Solo $17.50 R1 F/NM
Han Solo $15.20 R1 G/EX
Han`s Heavy Blaster Pistol $1.00 R2 F/NM
Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi $2.30 R1 F/NM
Out I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing $2.30 R1 NM/M
Out I Have You Now $1.50 R2 NM/M
Into the Garbage Chute, Flyboy $1.50 R2 F/NM
Jedi Presence $4.20 R1 F/NM
Jedi Presence $3.50 R1 G/EX
Juri Juice $1.00 R2 NM/M
K`lor`slug $1.70 R1 F/NM
K`lor`slug $1.30 R1 G/EX
Kal`Falnl C`ndros $5.00 R1 F/NM
Kal`Falnl C`ndros $4.20 R1 G/EX
Out Kessel Run $1.00 R2 F/NM
Kessel Run $0.75 R2 G/EX
Out Kitik Keed`kak $1.50 R1 NM/M
Krayt Dragon Howl $2.10 R1 F/NM
Labria $1.00 R2 NM/M
Lateral Damage $1.00 R2 NM/M
Lateral Damage $0.75 R2 EX/F
Leesub Sirln $1.00 R2 F/NM
Out Leia Organa $13.50 R1 F/NM
Leia Organa $11.68 R1 G/EX
Out Light Repeating Blaster Rifle $5.30 R1 NM/M
Lightsaber Proficiency $5.90 R1 F/NM
Lightsaber Proficiency $4.99 R1 G/EX
Local Trouble $2.50 R1 NM/M
Lone Pilot $1.00 R2 NM/M
Lone Warrior $1.00 R2 NM/M
Out Look Sir, Droids $1.90 R1 NM/M
Luke Seeker $1.00 R2 NM/M
Out Luke Skywalker $31.80 R1 F/NM
Luke Skywalker $27.78 R1 G/EX
Mantellian Savrip $1.00 R2 F/NM
Millennium Falcon $21.80 R1 F/NM
Millennium Falcon $18.98 R1 G/EX
Molator $2.30 R1 NM/M
Moment of Triumph $1.00 R2 NM/M
Move Along... $2.60 R1 F/NM
Myo $1.50 R2 NM/M
Nevar Yalnal $1.00 R2 NM/M
Noble Sacrifice $1.00 R2 F/NM
Out Obi-Wan Kenobi $18.80 R1 F/NM
Obi-Wan Kenobi $16.34 R1 G/EX
Obi-Wan`s Cape $3.70 R1 F/NM
Obi-Wan`s Cape $3.06 R1 G/EX
Obi-Wan`s Lightsaber $8.30 R1 F/NM
Obi-Wan`s Lightsaber $7.10 R1 G/EX
On The Edge $1.50 R2 F/NM
On The Edge $1.13 R2 G/EX
Organa`s Ceremonial Necklace $2.50 R1 NM/M
Our Most Desperate Hour $1.50 R1 F/NM
Our Most Desperate Hour $1.13 R1 G/EX
Out Physical Choke $4.80 R1 NM/M
Out Presence Of The Force $3.90 R1 NM/M
Rebel Planners $1.00 R2 F/NM
Red 3 $1.30 R2 F/NM
Red 3 $0.98 R2 G/EX
Red Leader $4.50 R1 F/NM
Red Leader $3.76 R1 G/EX
Revolution $3.50 R1 F/NM
Revolution $2.88 R1 G/EX
Sandcrawler (D) $1.00 R2 NM/M
Sandcrawler (L) $1.50 R2 F/NM
Out Send A Detachment Down $2.90 R1 NM/M
Sense (D) $2.25 U1 F/NM
Sense (L) $2.30 U1 F/NM
Sense (L) $1.82 U1 G/EX
Skywalkers $1.70 R1 F/NM
Solo Han $1.00 R2 F/NM
Tactical Recall $1.00 R2 NM/M
Tagge Seeker $1.00 R2 F/NM
Tarkin Seeker $1.00 R2 F/NM
Tatooine: Cantina (D) $1.00 R2 NM/M
Out Tatooine: Cantina (L) $1.20 R2 F/NM
Tatooine: Cantina (L) $0.90 R2 G/EX
Tatooine: Obi-Wan`s Hut $6.70 R1 F/NM
Tatooine: Obi-Wan`s Hut $5.70 R1 G/EX
Thank The Maker $1.00 R2 F/NM
Out The Circle Is Now Complete $2.10 R1 NM/M
The Force Is Strong With This One $1.20 R2 F/NM
The Force Is Strong With This One $0.90 R2 G/EX
Out Tonnika Sisters $4.50 R1 NM/M
Turbolaser Battery $2.10 R2 NM/M
Out Utinni! (D) $2.90 R1 NM/M
Utinni! (L) $2.10 R1 F/NM
Vader`s Custom TIE $9.10 R1 NM/M
Vader`s Eye $2.80 R1 NM/M
Vader`s Eye $2.26 R1 EX/F
Vader`s Lightsaber $8.50 R1 NM/M
Vader`s Lightsaber $7.28 R1 EX/F
WED-9-M1 `Bantha` Droid $1.00 R2 F/NM
WED15-1662 `Treadwell` Droid $0.40 R2 NM/M
Warrior`s Courage $1.30 R2 F/NM
Warrior`s Courage $0.98 R2 G/EX
We`re All Gonna Be A Lot Thinner! $4.00 R1 NM/M
Yavin 4: Massassi Throne Room $4.00 R1 F/NM
Your Powers Are Weak, Old Man $2.10 R1 NM/M

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