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Magic: The Gathering : Eternal Masters
Qty Item Price Rarity Condition
Abundant Growth $0.10 C NM/M
Out Ancestral Mask $2.50 U NM/M
Out Animate Dead $4.00 U NM/M
Animate Dead $3.32 U EX/F
Annihilate $0.25 U NM/M
Arcanis the Omnipotent $1.50 R NM/M
Out Argothian Enchantress $39.00 RM NM/M
Out Armadillo Cloak $1.00 U NM/M
Out Ashnod`s Altar $15.00 U NM/M
Ashnod`s Altar $13.00 U EX/F
Avarax $0.10 C NM/M
Aven Riftwatcher $0.30 C NM/M
Balance $3.00 RM NM/M
Baleful Strix $4.00 R NM/M
Ballynock Cohort $0.10 C NM/M
Battle Squadron $0.25 U NM/M
Beetleback Chief $0.25 U NM/M
Benevolent Bodyguard $0.30 C NM/M
Blightsoil Druid $0.10 C NM/M
Blood Artist $6.00 U NM/M
Bloodbraid Elf $2.00 U NM/M
Bloodfell Caves $0.20 C NM/M
Blossoming Sands $0.20 C NM/M
Borderland Marauder $0.10 C NM/M
Out Brago, King Eternal $3.00 R NM/M
Braids, Cabal Minion $2.00 R NM/M
Out Brainstorm $1.25 U NM/M
Brawn $0.25 U NM/M
Burning Vengeance $0.25 U NM/M
Cabal Therapy $1.25 U NM/M
Calciderm $0.25 U NM/M
Call the Skybreaker $0.50 R NM/M
Carbonize $0.10 C NM/M
Out Carrion Feeder $0.25 C NM/M
Centaur Chieftain $0.25 U NM/M
Cephalid Sage $0.30 C NM/M
Chain Lightning $3.50 U NM/M
Out Chrome Mox $69.00 RM NM/M
Civic Wayfinder $0.10 C NM/M
Coalition Honor Guard $0.30 C NM/M
Commune with the Gods $0.10 C NM/M
Control Magic $1.00 R NM/M
Control Magic $0.75 R EX/F
Out Counterspell $2.50 C NM/M
Crater Hellion $1.00 R NM/M
Dack Fayden $22.00 RM NM/M
Dack Fayden [emblem] $1.50 E NM/M
Daze $0.75 U NM/M
Deadbridge Shaman $0.10 C NM/M
Out Deathrite Shaman $8.00 R NM/M
Deep Analysis $0.30 C NM/M
Desperate Ravings $0.10 C NM/M
Diminishing Returns $1.00 R NM/M
Diminishing Returns $0.75 R EX/F
Dismal Backwater $0.20 C NM/M
Dragon Egg $0.10 C NM/M
Dream Twist $0.30 C NM/M
Out Dualcaster Mage $1.50 R NM/M
Duplicant $2.00 R NM/M
Duplicant $1.56 R EX/F
Duress $0.25 C NM/M
Eight-and-a-Half-Tails $4.00 R NM/M
Eight-and-a-Half-Tails $3.32 R EX/F
Elemental [token][young pyromancer] $1.50 T NM/M
Elephant Guide $0.30 C NM/M
Elite Vanguard $0.20 C NM/M
Elvish Vanguard $0.50 C NM/M
Emmessi Tome $0.25 U NM/M
Emperor Crocodile $0.25 C NM/M
Out Enlightened Tutor $50.00 R NM/M
Entomb $30.00 R NM/M
Extract from Darkness $0.25 U NM/M
Eyeblight`s Ending $0.10 C NM/M
Fact or Fiction $1.00 U NM/M
Faith`s Fetters $0.30 U NM/M
Faithless Looting $0.85 C NM/M
Fervent Cathar $0.10 C NM/M
Field of Souls $0.30 U NM/M
Firebolt $0.10 C NM/M
Flame Jab $0.25 U NM/M
Flame-Kin Zealot $0.25 U NM/M
Flinthoof Boar $0.50 U NM/M
Fog $0.25 C NM/M
Out Force of Will $120.00 RM NM/M
Future Sight $1.00 R NM/M
Future Sight $0.75 R EX/F
Gaea`s Blessing $0.25 U NM/M
Out Gamble $20.00 R NM/M
Gaseous Form $0.10 C NM/M
Ghitu Slinger $0.25 U NM/M
Giant Solifuge $1.00 R NM/M
Giant Tortoise $0.10 C NM/M
Glacial Wall $0.30 C NM/M
Glare of Subdual $1.00 R NM/M
Glare of Subdual $0.75 R EX/F
Glimmerpoint Stag $0.20 U NM/M
Goblin Charbelcher $3.00 R NM/M
Goblin Trenches $1.00 R NM/M
Gravedigger $0.10 C NM/M
Out Green Sun`s Zenith $30.00 R NM/M
Harmonize $1.00 U NM/M
Havoc Demon $0.25 U NM/M
Heritage Druid $12.00 R NM/M
Honden of Cleansing Fire $1.50 U NM/M
Honden of Infinite Rage $1.50 U NM/M
Honden of Life`s Web $0.75 U NM/M
Out Honden of Night`s Reach $0.75 U NM/M
Honden of Seeing Winds $3.50 U NM/M
Humble $0.25 C NM/M
Hydroblast $1.50 U NM/M
Hymn to Tourach $1.50 U NM/M
Ichorid $2.00 R NM/M
Ichorid $1.56 R EX/F
Imperious Perfect $2.50 R NM/M
Imperious Perfect $2.00 R EX/F
Inkwell Leviathan $1.00 R NM/M
Innocent Blood $0.50 C NM/M
Intangible Virtue $0.35 U NM/M
Invigorate $1.00 U NM/M
Out Isochron Scepter $12.00 R NM/M
Jace, the Mind Sculptor $72.00 RM NM/M
Jace, the Mind Sculptor $63.88 RM EX/F
Jareth, Leonine Titan $1.50 R NM/M
Jetting Glasskite $0.25 U NM/M
Juggernaut $0.25 U NM/M
Jungle Hollow $0.20 C NM/M
Karakas $38.00 RM NM/M
Out Karmic Guide $2.00 R NM/M
Keldon Champion $0.25 U NM/M
Keldon Marauders $0.25 C NM/M
Kird Ape $1.00 C NM/M
Kor Hookmaster $0.10 C NM/M
Llanowar Elves $0.25 C NM/M
Lys Alana Huntmaster $0.35 C NM/M
Lys Alana Scarblade $0.20 U NM/M
Out Maelstrom Wanderer $10.00 RM NM/M
Malicious Affliction $2.00 R NM/M
Malicious Affliction $1.56 R EX/F
Man-o`-War $0.25 C NM/M
Out Mana Crypt $200.00 RM NM/M
Maze of Ith $14.00 R NM/M
Memory Lapse $0.25 C NM/M
Merfolk Looter $0.30 U NM/M
Out Mesa Enchantress $2.00 U NM/M
Out Millikin $1.50 U NM/M
Mindless Automaton $0.25 U NM/M
Mishra`s Factory $0.50 U NM/M
Mistral Charger $0.10 C NM/M
Mogg Fanatic $0.10 C NM/M
Mogg War Marshal $0.75 C NM/M
Monk Idealist $0.10 C NM/M
Mother of Runes $8.00 R NM/M
Out Mystical Tutor $25.00 R NM/M
Out Natural Order $20.00 RM NM/M
Nature`s Claim $0.80 C NM/M
Nausea $0.10 C NM/M
Out Necropotence $49.00 RM NM/M
Nekrataal $0.25 U NM/M
Nevinyrral`s Disk $2.00 R NM/M
Night`s Whisper $6.00 C NM/M
Nimble Mongoose $0.30 C NM/M
Oona`s Grace $0.10 C NM/M
Orcish Oriflamme $0.10 C NM/M
Pacifism $0.10 C NM/M
Out Peregrine Drake $3.00 C NM/M
Phantom Monster $0.10 C NM/M
Phyrexian Gargantua $0.25 U NM/M
Out Phyrexian Ingester $0.25 U NM/M
Phyrexian Rager $0.10 C NM/M
Pilgrim`s Eye $0.25 C NM/M
Plague Witch $0.10 C NM/M
Price of Progress $2.50 U NM/M
Out Prismatic Lens $0.50 U NM/M
Prodigal Sorcerer $0.25 U NM/M
Prowling Pangolin $0.10 C NM/M
Pyroblast $3.50 U NM/M
Pyroblast $2.88 U EX/F
Pyrokinesis $1.00 R NM/M
Quiet Speculation $0.25 U NM/M
Raise the Alarm $0.15 C NM/M
Rally the Peasants $0.25 C NM/M
Out Rancor $1.25 U NM/M
Reckless Charge $0.10 C NM/M
Regal Force $3.00 R NM/M
Relic of Progenitus $6.00 U NM/M
Roar of the Wurm $0.25 U NM/M
Roots $0.10 C NM/M
Rorix Bladewing $1.00 R NM/M
Rugged Highlands $0.20 C NM/M
Scoured Barrens $0.20 C NM/M
Screeching Skaab $0.10 C NM/M
Seal of Cleansing $0.30 C NM/M
Seal of Strength $0.30 C NM/M
Second Thoughts $0.10 C NM/M
Seismic Stomp $0.10 C NM/M
Sengir Autocrat $0.25 U NM/M
Sensei`s Divining Top $72.00 R NM/M
Sentinel Spider $0.30 C NM/M
Serendib Efreet $1.00 R NM/M
Serra Angel $0.25 U NM/M
Shaman of the Pack $0.50 U NM/M
Shardless Agent $2.00 R NM/M
Shardless Agent $1.56 R EX/F
Shelter $0.30 C NM/M
Shoreline Ranger $0.15 C NM/M
Siege-Gang Commander $2.00 R NM/M
Silent Departure $0.25 C NM/M
Silvos, Rogue Elemental $1.00 R NM/M
Silvos, Rogue Elemental $0.75 R EX/F
Sinkhole $5.00 R NM/M
Skulking Ghost $0.10 C NM/M
Sneak Attack $17.00 RM NM/M
Sneak Attack $14.76 RM EX/F
Soulcatcher $0.25 U NM/M
Sphinx of the Steel Wind $1.50 RM NM/M
Sprite Noble $0.25 U NM/M
Squadron Hawk $0.25 C NM/M
Stingscourger $0.10 C NM/M
Stupefying Touch $0.10 C NM/M
Out Sulfuric Vortex $1.50 R NM/M
Sulfuric Vortex $1.13 R EX/F
Swiftwater Cliffs $0.20 C NM/M
Swords to Plowshares $3.25 U NM/M
Swords to Plowshares $2.66 U EX/F
Sylvan Library $47.00 R NM/M
Sylvan Might $0.25 C NM/M
Thornweald Archer $0.30 C NM/M
Thornwood Falls $0.20 C NM/M
Thunderclap Wyvern $0.30 U NM/M
Ticking Gnomes $0.25 U NM/M
Tidal Wave $0.10 C NM/M
Timberwatch Elf $0.65 U NM/M
Tooth and Claw $0.25 U NM/M
Torrent of Souls $0.25 U NM/M
Toxic Deluge $25.00 R NM/M
Tragic Slip $0.25 C NM/M
Tranquil Cove $0.20 C NM/M
Trygon Predator $0.50 U NM/M
Twisted Abomination $0.10 C NM/M
Undying Rage $0.10 C NM/M
Unexpectedly Absent $1.00 R NM/M
Unexpectedly Absent $0.75 R EX/F
Urborg Uprising $0.10 C NM/M
Vampiric Tutor $65.00 RM NM/M
Out Victimize $0.50 U NM/M
Vindicate $4.00 R NM/M
Vindicate $3.32 R EX/F
Visara the Dreadful $2.00 R NM/M
Void $1.00 R NM/M
Wake of Vultures $0.10 C NM/M
Wakedancer $0.10 C NM/M
Wall of Omens $2.00 U NM/M
War Priest of Thune $0.15 U NM/M
Warden of Evos Isle $0.20 C NM/M
Wasteland $32.00 R NM/M
Wee Dragonauts $0.25 U NM/M
Welkin Guide $0.10 C NM/M
Werebear $0.25 C NM/M
Whitemane Lion $0.15 C NM/M
Wildfire Emissary $0.10 C NM/M
Wind-Scarred Crag $0.20 C NM/M
Out Winter Orb $20.00 R NM/M
Out Wirewood Symbiote $4.00 U NM/M
Wonder $1.00 U NM/M
Out Worldgorger Dragon $12.00 RM NM/M
Worn Powerstone $1.65 U NM/M
Wrath of God $9.00 R NM/M
Xantid Swarm $2.00 R NM/M
Xantid Swarm $1.56 R EX/F
Yavimaya Enchantress $0.20 C NM/M
Out Young Pyromancer $1.50 U NM/M
Zealous Persecution $0.50 U NM/M

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