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Yu-Gi-Oh : Boosters & Boxes
Qty Item Price
Ancient Guardians Booster Box 1st Edition $72.00
Ancient Guardians Booster Pack $3.50
Blazing Vortex Booster Pack $4.00
Brothers of Legend Booster Box [1st Edition] $74.00
Brothers of Legend Booster Pack $3.75
Burst of Destiny Booster Box 1st Edition $79.00
Burst of Destiny Booster Pack $4.00
Code of the Duelist Booster Pack $5.50
Dark Saviors Booster Pack $13.00
Dawn of Majesty Booster Pack $4.00
Egyptian God Deck: Obelisk the Tormentor $17.00
Egyptian God Deck: Slifer the Sky Dragon $19.00
Extreme Force Booster Pack $5.50
Fists of the Gadgets Booster Pack $4.75
Flames of Destruction Booster Pack $13.00
Genesis Impact Booster Pack $4.00
Ghosts from the Past Mini-Box 1st Edition $40.00
Hidden Summoners Booster Pack $5.00
Legendary Duelist Synchro Storm Booster Box 1st Edition $70.00
Legendary Duelist Synchro Storm Booster Pack $2.50
Legendary Duelists Season 2 $27.00
Legendary Duelists: Rage of Ra Booster Pack $5.25
Lightning Overdrive Booster Pack $6.00
Maximum Gold: El Dorado Mini Box 1st Edition $29.00
Phantom Rage Booster Pack 1st Edition $5.00
Speed Duel: Arena of Lost Souls Booster Pack $3.00
The Grand Creators Booster Box [1st Edition] $74.00
The Infinity Chasers Booster Pack $7.00
Tin of Ancient Battles 2021 $30.00

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