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Star Wars (Decipher) : Reflections 3
Qty Item Price Rarity Condition
A Close Race $5.00 R NM/M
Out A Remote Planet $3.20 F NM/M
A Tragedy Has Occurred $6.30 F NM/M
A Useless Gesture $2.80 F NM/M
Aim High $10.40 F NM/M
Allegations of Corruption $3.20 F NM/M
An Unusual Amount Of Fear $3.60 F NM/M
Another Pathetic Lifeform $4.30 F NM/M
Out Armament Dismantled $1.90 F NM/M
Aurra Sing`s Blaster Rifle $12.10 F NM/M
Out Battle Order $6.30 F NM/M
Out Battle Plan $9.00 F NM/M
Out Bib Fortuna $2.60 F NM/M
Blizzard 4 $43.90 F NM/M
Out Blockade Flagship: Hallway $1.50 F NM/M
Blow Parried $1.00 F NM/M
Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter $86.50 F NM/M
Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter $77.65 F EX/F
Chewie, Enraged $15.60 F NM/M
Clinging To The Edge $2.60 F NM/M
Out Colo Claw Fish (D) $4.00 F NM/M
Out Colo Claw Fish (L) $3.60 F NM/M
Come Here You Big Coward $6.90 F NM/M
Out Conduct Your Search $8.20 F NM/M
Crossfire $6.40 F NM/M
Dark Rage $1.50 F NM/M
Dark Rage $1.13 F EX/F
Darth Maul`s Demise $2.90 F NM/M
Deep Hatred $1.90 F NM/M
Desperate Times $6.60 F NM/M
Out Diversionary Tactics $3.60 F NM/M
Do They Have A Code Clearance? $8.20 F NM/M
Out Do, Or Do Not $4.30 F NM/M
Out Don`t Do That Again $5.00 F NM/M
Echo Base Sensors $8.30 F NM/M
Energy Walls $2.30 F NM/M
Energy Walls (L) $2.60 F NM/M
Out Ewok Celebration $6.90 F NM/M
Out Fall Of A Jedi $1.50 F NM/M
Out Fanfare $4.00 F NM/M
Fear Is My Ally $2.10 F NM/M
Out Force Push $54.40 F NM/M
Han, Chewie, And The Falcon $22.70 F NM/M
Out He Can Go About His Business $4.80 F NM/M
Horace Vancil $1.00 F NM/M
Inner Strength $2.90 F NM/M
Jabba Desilijic Tiure $3.20 F NM/M
Out Jar Jar`s Electropole $3.20 F NM/M
Jedi Leap $2.60 F NM/M
Lando Calrissian, Scoundrel $24.20 F NM/M
Out Lando`s Not A System, He`s A Man $3.60 F NM/M
Leave Them To Me $4.30 F NM/M
Leia, Rebel Princess $36.50 F NM/M
Let Them Make The First Move / At Last We Will Have Revenge $2.90 F NM/M
Out Let`s Keep A Little Optimism Here $4.50 F NM/M
Lord Maul $27.70 F NM/M
Maul`s Double-Bladed Lightsaber $11.20 F NM/M
N: Theed Palace Generator (D) $3.20 F NM/M
N: Theed Palace Generator (L) $1.50 F NM/M
N: Theed Palace Generator Core (D) $2.90 F NM/M
N: Theed Palace Generator Core (L) $1.30 F NM/M
Out No Escape $6.30 F NM/M
Out No Match For A Sith $3.20 F NM/M
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight $14.30 F NM/M
Obi-Wan`s Lightsaber $4.00 F NM/M
Only Jedi Carry That Weapon $2.90 F NM/M
Opee Sea Killer (D) $3.20 F NM/M
Opee Sea Killer (L) $3.90 F NM/M
Out Oppressive Enforcement $4.50 F NM/M
Out Ounee Ta $5.00 F NM/M
Planetary Defenses $10.40 F NM/M
Out Prepare For A Surface Attack $4.00 F NM/M
Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master $26.30 F NM/M
Qui-Gon`s End $1.60 F NM/M
Qui-Gon`s Lightsaber $4.00 F NM/M
Out Resistance $5.00 F NM/M
Sando Aqua Monster (D) $3.20 F NM/M
Sando Aqua Monster (L) $3.20 F NM/M
Out Secret Plans $6.40 F NM/M
Sio Bibble $3.20 F NM/M
Stormtrooper Garrison $43.10 F NM/M
Strike Blocked $1.90 F NM/M
The Ebb Of Battle $3.10 F NM/M
The Hutts Are Gangsters $8.60 F NM/M
There Is No Try $7.00 F NM/M
They Must Never Again Leave This City $30.90 F NM/M
Out Thok & Thug $3.60 F NM/M
Out Through The Corridor $1.00 F NM/M
Out Ultimatum $4.80 F NM/M
Unsalvageable $6.30 F NM/M
We`ll Handle This / Duel Of The Fates $1.20 F NM/M
We`ll Let Fate-a Decide, Huh? $3.60 F NM/M
Out Weapon Of A Fallen Mentor $3.60 F NM/M
Weapon Of A Sith $3.60 F NM/M
Out Where Are Those Droidekas?! $3.20 F NM/M
Wipe Them Out, All Of Them $4.80 F NM/M
Out Wise Advice $7.60 F NM/M
Yoda, Master Of The Force $16.30 F NM/M
You Cannot Hide Forever $4.50 F NM/M
You`ve Never Won A Race? $2.90 F NM/M
Out Your Insight Serves You Well $3.60 F NM/M
Out Your Ship? $4.80 F NM/M

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