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Star Wars (Decipher) : Reflections 2
Qty Item Price Rarity Condition
4-LOM With Concussion Rifle FOIL $7.60 SR NM/M
Abyssin Ornament & Wounded Wookiee $1.00 F NM/M
Out Admiral Ackbar FOIL $13.70 SR NM/M
Out Admiral Piett FOIL $7.90 SR NM/M
Agents of the Black Sun / Vengeance Of The Dark Prince $1.00 F NM/M
Out Alter & Collateral Damage $2.00 F NM/M
Out Alter & Friendly Fire $2.30 R NM/M
Arica $9.40 F NM/M
Out Arleil Schous FOIL $1.40 VR NM/M
Arleil Schous FOIL $1.05 VR EX/F
Out Artoo & Threepio $2.80 R NM/M
Out Artoo-Detoo in Red 5 FOIL $11.30 SR NM/M
Out B-wing Attack Squadron FOIL $5.00 SR NM/M
Out Bacta Tank FOIL $1.70 SR NM/M
Out Bad Feeling Have I FOIL $1.60 VR NM/M
Baron Soontir Fel FOIL $10.00 SR NM/M
Out Black Squadron TIE FOIL $2.00 VR NM/M
Out Black Sun Fleet $1.70 F NM/M
Blue Squadron B-wing FOIL $4.00 VR NM/M
Out Boba Fett in Slave I FOIL $6.90 SR NM/M
Out Boelo FOIL $2.10 VR NM/M
Out Bossk with Motar Gun FOIL $2.60 SR NM/M
Out Brainiac (Japanese) FOIL $2.20 SR NM/M
Out Capital Support FOIL $4.60 SR NM/M
Out Captain Gilead Pellaeon $2.90 F NM/M
Out Chall Bekan FOIL $1.10 VR NM/M
Out Chewbacca, Protector $5.50 R NM/M
Out Chewie with Blaster Rifle FOIL $8.60 SR NM/M
Out Chief Chirpa FOIL $5.80 SR NM/M
Out Chimaera FOIL $14.00 SR NM/M
Out Commander Igar FOIL $5.40 VR NM/M
Out Control & Set For Stun $2.60 F NM/M
Control & Tunnel Vision $4.10 R NM/M
Corran Horn $7.70 R NM/M
Dark Maneuvers & Tallon Roll $2.50 F NM/M
Out Darth Vader with Lightsaber FOIL $26.00 SR NM/M
Darth Vader`s Lightsaber FOIL $6.50 SR NM/M
Darth Vader`s Lightsaber FOIL $5.52 SR EX/F
Dash Rendar $6.90 R NM/M
Out Death Star (Japanese) FOIL $4.30 SR NM/M
Death Star II FOIL $23.00 SR NM/M
Out Death Star II: Throne Room FOIL $6.90 VR NM/M
Defensive Fire & Hutt Smooch $1.00 F NM/M
Out Dengar in Punishing One FOIL $4.70 SR NM/M
Out Dengar with Blaster Carbine FOIL $5.40 SR NM/M
Out Djas Puhr FOIL $1.90 SR NM/M
Do, Or Do Not Do & Wise Advice $1.40 R NM/M
Out Don`t Get Cocky FOIL $2.00 SR NM/M
Dr Evazan & Ponda Baba $4.30 F NM/M
Out Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser FOIL $4.50 SR NM/M
Out Echo Base Operations FOIL $2.10 SR NM/M
Emperor Palpatine FOIL $481.60 UR NM/M
Evader & Monnok $1.00 F NM/M
Out Executor: Holotheatre FOIL $1.10 VR NM/M
Out Executor: Meditation Chamber FOIL $2.10 VR NM/M
Out Fighters Coming In FOIL $3.70 VR NM/M
Out Flagship Executor FOIL $24.60 SR NM/M
Out Force Lightning FOIL $10.40 SR NM/M
Out Frozen Assets FOIL $1.10 VR NM/M
Out General Calrissian FOIL $8.90 SR NM/M
General Crix Madine FOIL $6.10 SR NM/M
Ghhhk & Those Rebels Won`t Escape Us $5.60 F NM/M
Out Gift of the Mentor FOIL $4.30 SR NM/M
Out Gold Leader in Gold 1 FOIL $3.10 VR NM/M
Gold Squadron 1 FOIL $6.50 SR NM/M
Out Gold Squadron Y-wing FOIL $2.10 SR NM/M
Out Goo Nee Tay FOIL $1.50 VR NM/M
Out Grand Admiral Thrawn $23.90 F NM/M
Green Squadron A-wing FOIL $4.00 VR NM/M
Guri $6.40 F NM/M
Out Home One FOIL $29.90 SR NM/M
Hoth: Wampa Cave FOIL $1.40 VR NM/M
Hoth: Wampa Cave FOIL $1.05 VR EX/F
Houjix & Out Of Nowhere $6.90 R NM/M
Out IG-88 in IG-2000 FOIL $2.10 VR NM/M
Out IG-88 with Riot Gun FOIL $10.40 SR NM/M
Out Imperial Walker (Japanese) FOIL $2.80 SR NM/M
Independence FOIL $9.80 SR NM/M
Independence FOIL $8.42 SR EX/F
Jabba`s Prize (D) $7.60 F NM/M
Janus Greejatus FOIL $3.10 VR NM/M
Out Jodo Kast FOIL $9.00 SR NM/M
Out Kal`Falnl C`ndros FOIL $5.00 SR NM/M
Out Kessel Run FOIL $1.90 SR NM/M
Kiffex (D) FOIL $3.90 VR NM/M
Out Kiffex (L) FOIL $1.10 VR NM/M
Out Kir Kanos $5.00 F NM/M
Out LE-B02D9 $2.10 R NM/M
Out Lando in Millennium Falcon FOIL $7.00 SR NM/M
Out Lateral Damage FOIL $1.10 VR NM/M
Out Leia (Japanese) FOIL $2.10 SR NM/M
Liberty FOIL $6.20 VR NM/M
Out Lone Rogue FOIL $1.10 VR NM/M
Lord Vader FOIL $231.30 UR NM/M
Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight FOIL $481.60 UR NM/M
Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight FOIL $442.87 UR EX/F
Out Luke Skywalker, Rebel Scout $9.40 R NM/M
Out Luke with Lightsaber FOIL $11.20 SR NM/M
Out Luke`s Lightsaber FOIL $13.60 SR NM/M
Out Mantellian Savrip FOIL $1.10 VR NM/M
Out Mara Jade, The Emperor`s Hand FOIL $90.10 UR NM/M
Mara Jade`s Lightsaber FOIL $9.10 SR NM/M
Out Melas FOIL $2.10 SR NM/M
Mercenary Armor $1.40 R NM/M
Out Mirax Terrik $3.20 R NM/M
Out Moff Jerjerrod FOIL $7.20 SR NM/M
Out Myn Kyneugh FOIL $4.00 VR NM/M
Nar Shaddaa Wind Chimes & Out Of Somewhere $1.00 R NM/M
No Questions Asked $1.20 R NM/M
Obi-Wan`s Journal $1.40 R NM/M
Ommni Box & It`s Worse $1.00 F NM/M
Out Order to Engage FOIL $1.10 VR NM/M
Orrimaarko FOIL $5.10 SR NM/M
Out of Commission & Transmission Terminated $2.30 R NM/M
Out Outer Rim Scout FOIL $10.40 SR NM/M
Out Outrider $6.10 R NM/M
Owen Lars & Beru Lars $1.20 R NM/M
Path Of Least Resistance & Revealed $1.00 R NM/M
Prince Xizor $18.30 F NM/M
Out Pulsar Skate $4.00 R NM/M
Out Rebel Snowspeeder (Japanese) FOIL $3.20 SR NM/M
Out Red Leader in Red 1 FOIL $1.70 VR NM/M
Red Squadron 1 FOIL $8.20 SR NM/M
Out Red Squadron X-wing FOIL $3.60 SR NM/M
Out Run Luke, Run! FOIL $1.20 VR NM/M
Out Scum And Villainy FOIL $3.50 VR NM/M
Out See-Threepio FOIL $3.30 SR NM/M
Sense & Recoil In Fear $3.00 R NM/M
Sense & Uncertain Is The Future $5.00 F NM/M
Shocking Information & Grimtaash $1.20 R NM/M
Out Sienar Fleet Systems FOIL $2.90 VR NM/M
Sim Aloo FOIL $2.80 VR NM/M
Out Smoke Screen FOIL $1.90 SR NM/M
Sniper & Dark Strike $3.10 F NM/M
Out Snoova $7.50 F NM/M
Sorry About The Mess & Blaster Proficiency $4.20 R NM/M
Stinger $3.10 F NM/M
Sunsdown & Too Cold For Speeders $1.00 F NM/M
Out Talon Karrde $1.20 R NM/M
Out Tawss Khaa FOIL $2.30 VR NM/M
Tempest Scout 1 FOIL $7.20 SR NM/M
Tempest Scout 1 FOIL $6.14 SR EX/F
The Bith Shuffle & Desperate Reach $1.90 R NM/M
Out The Emperor $18.80 F NM/M
Out The Emperor`s Shield FOIL $5.80 SR NM/M
Out The Emperor`s Sword FOIL $5.90 SR NM/M
There Is No Try & Oppressive Enforcement $1.10 F NM/M
Out Trample FOIL $7.80 SR NM/M
Out Vader`s Obsession FOIL $2.10 VR NM/M
Vigo $2.80 F NM/M
Virago $2.60 F NM/M
Out Walker Garrison FOIL $8.50 SR NM/M
Watch Your Step / This Place Can Be A Little Rough $1.30 R NM/M
Wedge Antilles, Red Squadron Leader FOIL $9.20 SR NM/M
Out Wicket FOIL $5.60 SR NM/M
Out X-wing Assault Squadron FOIL $4.00 SR NM/M
Out Yavin 4: Massassi Throne Room FOIL $3.60 SR NM/M
Yoda Stew & You Do Have Your Moments $1.00 R NM/M
Out Z-95 Headhunter FOIL $1.70 VR NM/M
Out Zuckuss in Mist Hunter FOIL $6.90 SR NM/M

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