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Magic: The Gathering : Khans of Tarkir
Qty Item Price Rarity Condition
Abomination of Gudul $0.15 C NM/M
Abzan Ascendancy $1.00 R NM/M
Abzan Banner $0.20 C NM/M
Abzan Battle Priest $0.35 U NM/M
Abzan Charm $0.30 U NM/M
Abzan Falconer $0.25 U NM/M
Abzan Guide $0.15 C NM/M
Act of Treason $0.15 C NM/M
Ainok Bond-Kin $0.15 C NM/M
Ainok Tracker $0.15 C NM/M
Alabaster Kirin $0.15 C NM/M
Alpine Grizzly $0.20 C NM/M
Altar of the Brood $5.75 R NM/M
Altar of the Brood $4.86 R EX/F
Anafenza, the Foremost $1.60 RM NM/M
Anafenza, the Foremost $1.20 RM EX/F
Ankle Shanker $1.00 R NM/M
Ankle Shanker $0.75 R EX/F
Arc Lightning $0.25 U NM/M
Archers` Parapet $0.15 C NM/M
Armament Corps $0.25 U NM/M
Arrow Storm $0.15 C NM/M
Ashcloud Phoenix $2.00 RM NM/M
Avalanche Tusker $1.00 R NM/M
Awaken the Bear $0.15 C NM/M
Barrage of Boulders $0.15 C NM/M
Out Bear [token] $0.35 T NM/M
Bear`s Companion $0.25 U NM/M
Become Immense $0.25 U NM/M
Bellowing Saddlebrute $0.25 U NM/M
Bird [white 3/4][token] $1.50 T NM/M
Bitter Revelation $0.15 C NM/M
Blinding Spray $0.25 U NM/M
Bloodfell Caves $0.15 C NM/M
Bloodfire Expert $0.15 C NM/M
Bloodfire Mentor $0.15 C NM/M
Out Bloodsoaked Champion $1.00 R NM/M
Bloodsoaked Champion $0.75 R EX/F
Bloodstained Mire $33.00 R NM/M
Bloodstained Mire $28.84 R EX/F
Blossoming Sands $0.15 C NM/M
Brave the Sands $1.40 U NM/M
Brave the Sands $1.05 U EX/F
Briber`s Purse $0.25 U NM/M
Bring Low $0.15 C NM/M
Burn Away $0.25 U NM/M
Butcher of the Horde $1.00 R NM/M
Cancel $0.15 C NM/M
Canyon Lurkers $0.15 C NM/M
Chief of the Edge $0.25 U NM/M
Chief of the Scale $0.25 U NM/M
Out Clever Impersonator $2.90 RM NM/M
Crackling Doom $1.00 R NM/M
Crackling Doom $0.75 R EX/F
Cranial Archive $0.25 U NM/M
Crater`s Claw $1.00 R NM/M
Crippling Chill $0.15 C NM/M
Dazzling Ramparts $0.25 U NM/M
Dead Drop $0.25 U NM/M
Death Frenzy $0.25 U NM/M
Debilitating Injury $0.15 C NM/M
Defiant Strike $0.15 C NM/M
Out Deflecting Palm $2.80 R NM/M
Deflecting Palm $2.26 R EX/F
Despise $0.25 U NM/M
Dig Through Time $1.00 R NM/M
Disdainful Stroke $0.15 C NM/M
Dismal Backwater $0.15 C NM/M
Disowned Ancestor $0.15 C NM/M
Dragon Grip $0.25 U NM/M
Dragon Throne of Tarkir $1.00 R NM/M
Dragon Throne of Tarkir $0.75 R EX/F
Dragon-Style Twins $1.00 R NM/M
Dragon`s Eye Savants $0.25 U NM/M
Dragonscale Boon $0.15 C NM/M
Duneblast $1.00 R NM/M
Duneblast $0.75 R EX/F
Dutiful Return $0.15 C NM/M
Efreet Weaponmaster $0.15 C NM/M
Embodiment of Spring $0.15 C NM/M
Empty the Pits $2.00 RM NM/M
Empty the Pits $1.56 RM EX/F
End Hostilities $1.00 R NM/M
Erase $0.15 C NM/M
Feat of Resistance $0.15 C NM/M
Feed the Clan $0.15 C NM/M
Firehoof Cavalry $0.15 C NM/M
Flooded Strand $31.00 R NM/M
Flooded Strand $27.08 R EX/F
Flying Crane Technique $1.00 R NM/M
Force Away $0.15 C NM/M
Out Forest $0.20 L NM/M
Frontier Bivouac $0.35 U NM/M
Frontier Bivouac $0.26 U EX/F
Ghostfire Blade $1.00 R NM/M
Ghostfire Blade $0.75 R EX/F
Glacial Stalker $0.15 C NM/M
Out Goblin [token] $0.10 T NM/M
Goblinslide $0.30 U NM/M
Out Grim Haruspex $1.00 R NM/M
Gurmag Swiftwing $0.25 U NM/M
Out Hardened Scales $2.80 R NM/M
Heart-Piercer Bow $0.25 U NM/M
Heir of the Wilds $0.25 U NM/M
Herald of Anafenza $1.00 R NM/M
High Sentinels of Arashin $1.00 R NM/M
High Sentinels of Arashin $0.75 R EX/F
Highland Game $0.15 C NM/M
Highspire Mantis $0.25 U NM/M
Hooded Hydra $2.00 RM NM/M
Hooting Mandrills $0.20 C NM/M
Horde Ambusher $0.25 U NM/M
Hordeling Outburst $0.35 U NM/M
Howl of the Horde $1.00 R NM/M
Icefeather Aven $0.25 U NM/M
Icy Blast $1.10 R NM/M
Incremental Growth $0.25 U NM/M
Out Island $0.20 L NM/M
Ivorytusk Fortress $1.00 R NM/M
Jeering Instigator $1.00 R NM/M
Jeering Instigator $0.75 R EX/F
Out Jeskai Ascendancy $1.00 R NM/M
Jeskai Banner $0.15 C NM/M
Jeskai Charm $0.25 U NM/M
Jeskai Elder $0.25 U NM/M
Jeskai Student $0.15 C NM/M
Jeskai Windscout $0.15 C NM/M
Jungle Hollow $0.15 C NM/M
Kheru Bloodsucker $0.25 U NM/M
Kheru Dreadmaw $0.15 C NM/M
Kheru Lich Lord $1.00 R NM/M
Kheru Spellsnatcher $1.00 R NM/M
Kill Shot $0.15 C NM/M
Kin-Tree Invocation $0.25 U NM/M
Kin-Tree Warden $0.15 C NM/M
Krumar Bond-Kin $0.15 C NM/M
Leaping Master $0.15 C NM/M
Lens of Clarity $0.15 C NM/M
Longshot Squad $0.20 C NM/M
Mantis Rider $1.00 R NM/M
Mantis Rider $0.75 R EX/F
Mardu Ascendancy $1.00 R NM/M
Mardu Ascendancy $0.75 R EX/F
Mardu Banner $0.25 C NM/M
Mardu Blazebringer $0.25 U NM/M
Mardu Charm $0.25 U NM/M
Mardu Hateblade $0.15 C NM/M
Mardu Heart-Piercer $0.25 U NM/M
Mardu Hordechief $0.15 C NM/M
Mardu Roughrider $0.25 U NM/M
Mardu Skullhunter $0.15 C NM/M
Mardu Warshrieker $0.15 C NM/M
Master of Pearls $1.00 R NM/M
Master the Way $0.25 U NM/M
Meandering Towershell $1.00 R NM/M
Mer-Ek Nightblade $0.25 U NM/M
Mindswipe $1.00 R NM/M
Mindswipe $0.75 R EX/F
Mistfire Weaver $0.25 U NM/M
Molting Snakeskin $0.15 C NM/M
Monastery Flock $0.15 C NM/M
Monastery Swiftspear $0.50 U NM/M
Out Morph [token] $0.25 T NM/M
Out Mountain $0.20 L NM/M
Murderous Cut $0.45 U NM/M
Mystic Monastery $0.35 U NM/M
Mystic of the Hidden Way $0.15 C NM/M
Out Narset, Enlightened Master $2.00 RM NM/M
Naturalize $0.15 C NM/M
Necropolis Fiend $1.00 R NM/M
Nomad Outpost $0.55 U NM/M
Nomad Outpost $0.41 U EX/F
Opulent Palace $0.65 U NM/M
Opulent Palace $0.49 U EX/F
Pearl Lake Ancient $2.00 RM NM/M
Pine Walker $0.25 U NM/M
Out Plains $0.15 L NM/M
Out Polluted Delta $37.00 R NM/M
Ponyback Brigade $0.15 C NM/M
Quiet Contemplation $0.25 U NM/M
Raiders` Spoils $0.25 U NM/M
Rakshasa Deathdealer $1.00 R NM/M
Rakshasa Vizier $1.00 R NM/M
Rakshasa`s Secret $0.15 C NM/M
Rattleclaw Mystic $1.00 R NM/M
Retribution of the Ancients $1.00 R NM/M
Ride Down $0.25 U NM/M
Rite of the Serpent $0.15 C NM/M
Riverwheel Aerialists $0.25 U NM/M
Roar of Challenge $0.30 U NM/M
Rotting Mastodon $0.15 C NM/M
Rugged Highlands $0.15 C NM/M
Rush of Battle $0.15 C NM/M
Ruthless Ripper $0.25 U NM/M
Sage of the Inward Eye $1.00 R NM/M
Sage-Eye Harrier $0.15 C NM/M
Sagu Archer $0.15 C NM/M
Sagu Mauler $1.00 R NM/M
Salt Road Patrol $0.15 C NM/M
Sandsteppe Citadel $0.35 U NM/M
Sarkhan [emblem] $0.75 E NM/M
Sarkhan [emblem] $0.56 E EX/F
Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker $1.60 RM NM/M
Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker $1.20 RM EX/F
Savage Knuckleblade $1.00 R NM/M
Savage Punch $0.15 C NM/M
Scaldkin $0.15 C NM/M
Scion of Glaciers $0.25 U NM/M
Scoured Barrens $0.20 C NM/M
Scout the Borders $0.15 C NM/M
Secret Plans $0.25 U NM/M
See the Unwritten $2.00 RM NM/M
See the Unwritten $1.56 RM EX/F
Seek the Horizon $0.25 U NM/M
Seeker of the Way $0.25 U NM/M
Set Adrift $0.25 U NM/M
Shambling Attendants $0.15 C NM/M
Shatter $0.15 C NM/M
Sidisi, Brood Tyrant $2.00 RM NM/M
Sidisi, Brood Tyrant $1.56 RM EX/F
Sidisi`s Pet $0.15 C NM/M
Siege Rhino $1.00 R NM/M
Siege Rhino $0.75 R EX/F
Siegecraft $0.15 C NM/M
Singing Bell Strike $0.15 C NM/M
Smite the Monstrous $0.15 C NM/M
Smoke Teller $0.15 C NM/M
Out Snake [deathtouch][token] $0.35 T NM/M
Snowhorn Rider $0.15 C NM/M
Sorin [emblem] $0.75 E NM/M
Sorin, Solemn Visitor $1.60 RM NM/M
Sorin, Solemn Visitor $1.20 RM EX/F
Out Spirit Warrior [token] $0.20 T NM/M
Out Spirit [token] $0.10 T NM/M
Stubborn Denial $1.50 U NM/M
Stubborn Denial $1.13 U EX/F
Sultai Ascendancy $1.00 R NM/M
Sultai Banner $0.15 C NM/M
Sultai Charm $0.25 U NM/M
Sultai Flayer $0.25 U NM/M
Sultai Scavenger $0.15 C NM/M
Sultai Soothsayer $0.25 U NM/M
Summit Prowler $0.15 C NM/M
Surrak Dragonclaw $5.00 RM NM/M
Surrak Dragonclaw $4.20 RM EX/F
Suspension Field $0.25 U NM/M
Out Swamp $0.20 L NM/M
Swarm of Bloodflies $0.25 U NM/M
Swift Kick $0.15 C NM/M
Swiftwater Cliffs $0.15 C NM/M
Taigam`s Scheming $0.15 C NM/M
Take Up Arms $0.25 U NM/M
Temur Ascendancy $5.75 R NM/M
Temur Banner $0.15 C NM/M
Temur Charger $0.25 U NM/M
Temur Charm $0.25 U NM/M
Thornwood Falls $0.15 C NM/M
Thousand Winds $1.00 R NM/M
Throttle $0.15 C NM/M
Timely Hordemate $0.25 U NM/M
Tomb of the Spirit Dragon $0.35 U NM/M
Tormenting Voice $0.15 C NM/M
Trail of Mystery $1.00 R NM/M
Tranquil Cove $0.15 C NM/M
Trap Essence $1.00 R NM/M
Treasure Cruise $0.45 C NM/M
Trumpet Blast $0.15 C NM/M
Tusked Colossodon $0.15 C NM/M
Tuskguard Captain $0.25 U NM/M
Out Ugin`s Nexus $2.00 RM NM/M
Unyielding Krumar $0.15 C NM/M
Utter End $1.00 R NM/M
Utter End $0.75 R EX/F
Valley Dasher $0.15 C NM/M
Out Vampire [black/flying][token] $3.00 T NM/M
Venerable Lammasu $0.25 U NM/M
Out Villainous Wealth $1.00 R NM/M
War Behemoth $0.15 C NM/M
War-Name Aspirant $0.30 U NM/M
Warden of the Eye $0.25 U NM/M
Out Warrior 003 [white][token] $0.10 T NM/M
Out Warrior 004[white][token] $0.10 T NM/M
Watcher of the Roost $0.25 U NM/M
Waterwhirl $0.25 U NM/M
Weave Fate $0.15 C NM/M
Wetland Sambar $0.15 C NM/M
Whirlwind Adept $0.15 C NM/M
Wind-Scarred Crag $0.15 C NM/M
Windstorm $0.25 U NM/M
Out Windswept Heath $25.00 R NM/M
Wingmate Roc $1.60 RM NM/M
Winterflame $0.25 U NM/M
Witness of the Ages $0.25 U NM/M
Wooded Foothills $30.00 R NM/M
Wooded Foothills $26.20 R EX/F
Woolly Loxodon $0.15 C NM/M
Out Zombie [token] $0.10 T NM/M
Zurgo Helmsmasher $2.00 RM NM/M
Zurgo Helmsmasher $1.56 RM EX/F

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