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Star Wars (Decipher) : Endor Foil
Qty Item Price Rarity Condition
Out Biker Scout Trooper FOIL $1.00 CF F/NM
Out Chewbacca Of Kashyyyk FOIL $3.20 UF F/NM
Out Daughter Of Skywalker FOIL $32.80 UF F/NM
Out Early Warning Network FOIL $1.10 UF F/NM
Out Elite Squadron Stormtrooper FOIL $0.60 CF F/NM
Out Endor Celebration FOIL $1.10 CF F/NM
Endor: Ewok Village FOIL $0.80 CF F/NM
Out Endor: Landing Platform FOIL $0.80 CF F/NM
Ewok And Roll FOIL $0.40 CF F/NM
Ewok Glider FOIL $0.40 CF F/NM
Out General Solo FOIL $19.30 RF F/NM
Out Hot Pursuit FOIL $1.50 UF F/NM
Out Main Course FOIL $1.00 UF F/NM
Paploo FOIL $1.70 CF F/NM
Out Tempest 1 FOIL $14.00 RF F/NM
Out Tempest Scout 4 FOIL $21.30 RF F/NM
Out Threepio FOIL $21.70 RF F/NM

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