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Star Wars (Decipher) : Jabba's Palace
Qty Item Price Rarity Condition
8D8 $1.50 R F/NM
A Gift $0.60 U F/NM
Out Abyssin $0.60 C F/NM
Abyssin Ornament $0.40 U F/NM
All Wrapped Up $0.40 U F/NM
Amanaman $1.00 R F/NM
Amanin $0.40 C F/NM
Antipersonnel Laser Cannon $0.40 U F/NM
Aqualish $0.40 C F/NM
Arc Welder $0.40 U F/NM
Ardon Vapor Crell $1.00 R F/NM
Artoo $2.50 R F/NM
Artoo, I Have A Bad Feeling About This $0.60 U F/NM
Attark $1.00 R F/NM
Aved Luun $1.00 R F/NM
BG-J38 $1.00 R F/NM
B`omarr Monk $0.60 C F/NM
Bane Malar $1.40 R F/NM
Bane Malar $1.05 R G/EX
Bantha Fodder $0.60 C F/NM
Barada $1.00 R F/NM
Baragwin $0.40 C F/NM
Bargaining Table $0.50 U F/NM
Beedo $1.00 R F/NM
Bib Fortuna $1.50 R F/NM
Blaster Deflection $2.56 R F/NM
Bo Shuda $0.40 U F/NM
Bubo $0.40 U F/NM
CZ-4 $0.40 C F/NM
Cane Adiss $0.40 U F/NM
Chadra-Fan $0.40 C F/NM
Chevin $0.40 C F/NM
Choke $0.40 C F/NM
Corellian Retort $0.40 U F/NM
Den Of Thieves $0.75 U F/NM
Dengar`s Modified Riot Gun $1.00 R F/NM
Devaronian $0.60 C F/NM
Don`t Forget The Droids $0.40 C F/NM
Double Laser Cannon $1.50 R F/NM
Droopy McCool $1.00 R F/NM
Dune Sea Sabacc (D) $0.40 U F/NM
Dune Sea Sabacc (L) $0.40 U F/NM
EV-9D9 $1.00 R F/NM
Elom $0.40 C F/NM
Ephant Mon $2.00 R F/NM
Fallen Portal $0.70 U F/NM
Florn Lamproid $0.40 C F/NM
Fozec $1.00 R F/NM
Gailid $1.30 R F/NM
Gailid $0.98 R G/EX
Gamorrean Ax $0.40 C F/NM
Gamorrean Guard $0.60 C F/NM
Garon Nas Tal $1.00 R F/NM
Geezum $1.00 R F/NM
Ghoel $1.00 R F/NM
Giran $1.00 R F/NM
Gran $0.40 C F/NM
H`nemthe $0.40 C F/NM
Herat $1.00 R F/NM
Hermi Odle $1.00 R F/NM
Hidden Compartment $0.40 U F/NM
Hidden Weapons $0.80 U F/NM
Out Holoprojector $0.80 U F/NM
Hutt Bounty $1.60 R F/NM
Hutt Smooch $0.40 U F/NM
I Must Be Allowed To Speak $1.20 R F/NM
Information Exchange $0.40 U F/NM
Ishi Tib $0.40 C F/NM
Ithorian $0.60 C F/NM
J`Quille $1.40 R F/NM
J`Quille $1.05 R G/EX
Jabba The Hutt $7.40 R F/NM
Jabba`s Palace Sabacc (D) $0.40 U F/NM
Jabba`s Palace Sabacc (L) $0.40 U F/NM
Out Jabba`s Palace: Audience Chamber (D) $0.80 U F/NM
Jabba`s Palace: Droid Workshop (D) $0.40 U F/NM
Jabba`s Palace: Dungeon (D) $0.40 U F/NM
Jabba`s Palace: Entrance Cavern (D) $0.40 U F/NM
Jabba`s Palace: Rancor Pit (D) $0.40 U F/NM
Jabba`s Palace:Audience Chamber (L) $0.40 U F/NM
Jabba`s Palace:Entrance Cavern (L) $0.40 U F/NM
Jabba`s Sail Barge $2.72 R F/NM
Jabba`s Sail Barge: Passenger Deck $2.20 R F/NM
Jedi Mind Trick $1.00 R F/NM
Jess $1.00 R F/NM
Jet Pack $0.40 U F/NM
Out Kalit $1.30 R F/NM
Ke Chu Ke Kukuta? $0.40 C F/NM
Kiffex $1.00 R F/NM
Kirdo III $1.00 R F/NM
Kithaba $1.00 R F/NM
Kitonak $0.40 C F/NM
Klaatu $1.00 R F/NM
Klatooinian Revolutionary $0.40 C F/NM
Laudica $1.00 R F/NM
Leslomy Tacema $1.00 R F/NM
Leslomy Tacema $0.75 R G/EX
Life Debt $1.84 R F/NM
Loje Nella $1.00 R F/NM
Malakili $1.00 R F/NM
Mandalorian Mishap $0.40 U F/NM
Max Rebo $1.00 R F/NM
Mos Eisley Blaster $0.60 C F/NM
Mos Eisley Blaster (L) $0.40 C F/NM
Murttoc Yine $1.00 R F/NM
Nal Hutta $1.84 R F/NM
Nar Shaddaa Wind Chimes $0.60 U F/NM
Nikto $0.40 C F/NM
Nizuc Bek $1.00 R F/NM
None Shall Pass $0.60 C F/NM
Nysad $1.00 R F/NM
Oola $1.50 R F/NM
Ortolan $0.40 C F/NM
Ortugg $1.00 R F/NM
Palejo Reshad $1.00 R F/NM
Pote Snitkin $1.00 R F/NM
Princess Leia Organa $7.40 R F/NM
Princess Leia Organa $6.31 R G/EX
Out Projection Of A Skywalker $0.80 U F/NM
Pucumir Thryss $1.00 R F/NM
Quarren $0.40 C F/NM
Quick Reflexes $0.40 C F/NM
R`kik D`nec,Hero Of The Dune Sea $1.00 R F/NM
Rancor $3.36 R F/NM
Rayc Ryjerd $1.00 R F/NM
Rayc Ryjerd $0.75 R G/EX
Ree-Yees $1.00 R F/NM
Rennek $1.00 R F/NM
Resistance $0.40 U F/NM
Revealed $0.40 U F/NM
Saelt-Marae $1.00 R F/NM
Salacious Crumb $1.40 R F/NM
Salacious Crumb $1.05 R G/EX
Sandwhirl $0.40 U F/NM
Sandwhirl (L) $0.40 U F/NM
Scum And Villainy $2.00 R F/NM
Sergeant Doallyn $1.00 R F/NM
Shasa Tiel $1.00 R F/NM
Sic-Six $0.40 C F/NM
Skiff (D) $0.40 C F/NM
Skiff (L) $0.40 C F/NM
Out Skrilling $0.80 C F/NM
Skull $0.40 U F/NM
Snivvian $0.40 C F/NM
Someone Who Loves You $0.60 U F/NM
Strangle $1.00 R F/NM
Strangle $0.75 R G/EX
Tamtel Skreej (Lando) $1.60 R F/NM
Tamtel Skreej (Lando) $1.20 R G/EX
Tanus Spijek $1.60 R F/NM
Tatooine: Desert (D) $0.40 C F/NM
Tatooine: Great Pit Of Carkoon (D) $0.40 U F/NM
Tatooine:Desert (L) $0.40 C F/NM
Tatooine:Hutt Canyon (L) $0.40 U F/NM
Tatooine:Jabba`s Palace (D) $0.60 U F/NM
Taym Dren-garen $1.20 R F/NM
Out Tessek $1.20 R F/NM
The Signal $0.70 C F/NM
Thermal Detonator $1.20 R F/NM
Thul Fain $1.00 R F/NM
Tibrin $1.00 R F/NM
Tibrin $0.75 R G/EX
Torture $0.40 C F/NM
Trandoshan $0.40 C F/NM
Trap Door $0.40 U F/NM
Twi`lek Advisor $1.10 C F/NM
Ultimatum $0.40 U F/NM
Unfriendly Fire $1.00 R F/NM
Vedain $1.00 R F/NM
Velken Tezeri $1.00 R F/NM
Vibro-Ax (D) $0.40 C F/NM
Vibro-Ax (L) $0.40 C F/NM
Vizam $1.00 R F/NM
Vul Tazaene $1.00 R F/NM
Weapon Levitation $0.60 U F/NM
Weequay Guard $0.40 C F/NM
Weequay Hunter $0.40 C F/NM
Weequay Marksman $0.40 U F/NM
Weequay Skiff Master $0.40 C F/NM
Well Guarded $0.40 U F/NM
Whiphid $0.40 C F/NM
Wittin $1.60 R F/NM
Wooof $1.00 R F/NM
Worrt $0.40 U F/NM
Wounded Wookiee $0.40 U F/NM
Yarkora $0.40 C F/NM
Yarna d`al` Gargan $0.40 U F/NM
You Will Take Me To Jabba Now $0.40 C F/NM
Yoxgit $1.00 R F/NM
Yuzzum $0.40 C F/NM

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