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Star Wars (Decipher) : Reflections 3 FOIL
Qty Item Price Rarity Condition
A New Secret Base FOIL $2.60 VRF F/NM
Out After Her! FOIL $4.20 SRF NM/M
After Her! FOIL $3.50 SRF EX/F
Amidala`s Blaster FOIL $2.90 SRF F/NM
Anakin`s Lightsaber (Japanese) FOIL $3.80 SRF F/NM
Anakin`s Podracer FOIL $6.50 SRF F/NM
Out Arica FOIL $19.10 SRF NM/M
Out Artoo & Threepio FOIL $5.00 SRF F/NM
Out Aurra Sing (AI) FOIL $20.30 SRF NM/M
Battle Deployment FOIL $9.40 VRF NM/M
Boonta Eve Podrace (D) FOIL $3.50 VRF NM/M
Boonta Eve Podrace (L) FOIL $2.20 SRF F/NM
Out Brangus Glee FOIL $2.30 VRF NM/M
Brisky Mornin` Munchen FOIL $2.30 VRF F/NM
Captain Gilad Pellaeon FOIL $12.10 SRF NM/M
Out Captain Panaka FOIL $4.60 VRF F/NM
Chewbacca, Protector FOIL $9.70 VRF F/NM
Corran Horn FOIL $11.90 SRF F/NM
Coruscant: Jedi Council Chamber FOIL $10.10 VRF F/NM
Out Darth Maul (AI) FOIL $45.90 SRF NM/M
Out Darth Maul, Young Apprentice (AI) FOIL $382.20 URF NM/M
Out Dash Rendar FOIL $16.60 SRF F/NM
Out Destroyer Droid FOIL $43.50 SRF NM/M
Out Dioxis FOIL $2.60 VRF NM/M
Disarmed (D) FOIL $9.00 VRF NM/M
Dr. Evazan & Ponda Baba FOIL $4.00 SRF NM/M
Out Dr. Evazan (Japanese) FOIL $1.90 VRF NM/M
Out Echo Base Garrison FOIL $3.20 VRF F/NM
End Of A Reign FOIL $3.20 VRF F/NM
Gimme A Lift FOIL $7.70 SRF F/NM
Out Grand Admiral Thrawn FOIL $28.00 SRF NM/M
Out Grand Moff Tarkin (Japanese) FOIL $7.00 VRF NM/M
Out Gravity Shadow FOIL $2.90 VRF NM/M
Out Guri FOIL $12.40 SRF NM/M
Harvest FOIL $11.90 SRF F/NM
Out I Did It! FOIL $2.30 VRF F/NM
Out I Have You Now FOIL $1.90 VRF NM/M
Imperial Artillery FOIL $11.90 SRF NM/M
Out Imperial Command FOIL $37.70 VRF NM/M
Out Jar Jar Binks FOIL $4.50 VRF F/NM
Lando With Vibro Ax FOIL $7.00 SRF F/NM
Lott Dod FOIL $6.60 SRF NM/M
Luke Skywalker (Japanese) FOIL $28.10 SRF F/NM
Out Luke Skywalker, Rebel Scout FOIL $16.50 SRF F/NM
Out Mace Windu FOIL $76.40 SRF F/NM
Master Qui-Gon (AI) FOIL $38.30 SRF F/NM
Maul Strikes FOIL $11.10 SRF NM/M
Maul`s Lightsaber FOIL $5.00 VRF NM/M
Maul`s Sith Infiltrator (AI) FOIL $29.70 SRF NM/M
Mercenary Pilot FOIL $6.60 VRF NM/M
Out Mighty Jabba FOIL $6.40 VRF NM/M
Mirax Terrik FOIL $8.90 SRF F/NM
Out Naboo Occupation FOIL $3.60 SRF NM/M
Out Nute Gunray FOIL $10.40 SRF NM/M
Out Obi-Wan Kenobi (Japanese) FOIL $9.80 SRF F/NM
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padawan Learner (AI) FOIL $21.10 SRF F/NM
Obi-Wan`s Journal FOIL $11.20 SRF F/NM
Obi-Wan`s Lightsaber (Japanese) FOIL $6.90 SRF F/NM
Obi-Wan`s Lightsaber (Japanese) FOIL $5.87 SRF G/EX
Ominous Rumors FOIL $8.90 SRF NM/M
Out Outrider FOIL $11.20 SRF F/NM
Owen Lars & Beru Lars FOIL $9.10 SRF F/NM
Out P-59 FOIL $188.40 URF NM/M
Out P-60 FOIL $14.90 SRF NM/M
Out Padme Naberrie (AI) FOIL $31.70 SRF F/NM
Out Palace Raider FOIL $8.60 VRF F/NM
Out Power Of The Hutt FOIL $1.70 VRF NM/M
Out Prince Xizor FOIL $16.60 SRF NM/M
Prisoner 2187 FOIL $4.10 VRF F/NM
Pulsar Skate FOIL $3.10 VRF F/NM
Out Queen`s Royal Starship FOIL $8.90 VRF F/NM
Out Qui-Gon Jinn (AI) FOIL $148.80 URF F/NM
Qui-Gon Jinn`s Lightsaber (AI) FOIL $20.40 SRF F/NM
Radiant VII FOIL $4.20 VRF F/NM
Rebel Artillery FOIL $7.20 VRF F/NM
Out Rebel Leadership FOIL $26.90 SRF F/NM
Ric Olie FOIL $1.10 VRF F/NM
Out Rolling Rolling Rolling FOIL $7.50 SRF NM/M
Sebulba`s Podracer FOIL $3.30 SRF NM/M
Seeking An Audience FOIL $11.20 VRF F/NM
Shmi Skywalker FOIL $4.30 VRF F/NM
Out Sith Probe Droid FOIL $2.30 VRF NM/M
Snoova FOIL $7.10 SRF NM/M
Out Stinger FOIL $4.80 SRF NM/M
Out Supreme Chancellor Valorum FOIL $3.50 VRF F/NM
TC-14 FOIL $5.70 SRF NM/M
TC-14 FOIL $4.82 SRF EX/F
Talon Karrde FOIL $9.70 SRF F/NM
Out Tatooine: Desert Landing Site FOIL $1.90 VRF NM/M
The Circle Is Now Complete (Japanses) FOIL $2.10 VRF NM/M
The Phantom Menace (AI) FOIL $26.00 SRF NM/M
They Win This Round FOIL $6.40 SRF F/NM
Out Threepio With His Parts Showing (AI) FOIL $146.30 URF F/NM
Trample (Japanese) FOIL $8.30 VRF NM/M
Vader`s Lightsaber (Japanese) FOIL $3.80 VRF NM/M
Out Vigo FOIL $5.70 q NM/M
Out Virago FOIL $11.70 SRF NM/M
Out Vote Now! (D) FOIL $2.60 VRF NM/M
Vote Now! (L) FOIL $2.10 VRF F/NM
Out Watto (AI) FOIL $9.90 SRF NM/M
Out Wedge Antilles (Japanese) FOIL $8.60 SRF F/NM
Out Yoda, Senior Council Member FOIL $11.20 VRF F/NM
Out You May Start Your Landing FOIL $2.90 VRF NM/M

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