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Star Wars (Decipher) : A New Hope
Qty Item Price Rarity Condition
Attack Run $1.00 R2 F/NM
Besieged $1.00 R2 F/NM
Bowcaster $1.20 R2 F/NM
Brainiac $2.90 R1 F/NM
Cell 2187 $4.80 R1 F/NM
Chewbacca $6.40 R2 F/NM
Chewbacca $5.43 R2 G/EX
Clak`dor VII $1.00 R2 F/NM
Commence Primary Ignition $1.90 R2 F/NM
Commence Recharging $1.00 R2 F/NM
Conquest $8.90 R1 F/NM
Corellia (L) $9.00 R1 F/NM
DS-61-4 $1.00 R2 F/NM
Dannik Jerriko $3.20 R1 F/NM
Dark Waters $1.00 R2 F/NM
Death Star $7.80 R2 F/NM
Death Star Gunner $1.90 C1 F/NM
Death Star Tractor Beam $1.30 R2 F/NM
Death Star: Trench $1.00 R2 F/NM
Dejarik Hologameboard $3.90 R1 F/NM
Dianoga $1.00 R2 F/NM
Double Agent $1.00 R2 F/NM
Evader $0.75 U1 F/NM
Greedo $6.20 R1 F/NM
Greedo $5.26 R1 G/EX
Hem Dazon $1.90 R1 F/NM
Hem Dazon $1.47 R1 G/EX
Hunchback $4.30 R1 F/NM
Hypo $1.80 R1 F/NM
IT-O (Eyetee-Oh) $3.10 R1 F/NM
I`m On The Leader $4.30 R1 F/NM
Imperial Holotable $2.80 R1 F/NM
Kiffex (D) $5.80 R1 F/NM
Leia Seeker $1.00 R2 F/NM
Let The Wookiee Win $7.00 R1 F/NM
Luke`s Cape $1.80 R1 F/NM
Magnetic Suction Tube (D) $1.00 R2 F/NM
Magnetic Suction Tube (L) $1.00 R2 F/NM
Maneuver Check $1.00 R2 F/NM
Motti Seeker $1.00 R2 F/NM
R2-D2 (Artoo-Detoo) $6.30 R2 F/NM
R3-T6 (Arthree-Teesix) $5.10 R1 F/NM
Red 2 $6.60 R1 F/NM
Red 2 $5.61 R1 G/EX
Red 5 $14.90 R1 F/NM
Out Retract The Bridge $1.20 R1 F/NM
SW-4 Ion Cannon $1.70 R2 F/NM
Out Sandcrawler: Droid Junkheap $2.10 R1 F/NM
Sandcrawler: Loading Bay $1.90 R1 F/NM
Out Spice Mines Of Kessel $1.50 R1 F/NM
Out Superlaser $1.10 R2 F/NM
Tantive IV $9.70 R1 F/NM
Out Tatooine: Bluffs $1.30 R1 F/NM
They`re On Dantooine $1.20 R1 F/NM
Trooper Davin Felth $1.00 R2 F/NM
Tzizvvt $1.00 R2 F/NM
U-3PO (Yoo-Threepio) $2.90 R1 F/NM
Victory-Class Star Destroyer $2.30 U1 F/NM
Wedge Antilles $7.00 R1 F/NM
Wookiee Roar $4.30 R1 F/NM
Y-wing Assault Squadron $1.00 U1 F/NM
Yavin 4: Briefing Room $0.75 U1 F/NM
You`re All Clear Kid! $6.90 R1 F/NM

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